Why You Should Add a Pond to Your Landscape

Why You Should Add a Pond to Your Landscape carroll landscaping

If you’re interested in adding a water feature to your landscape, keep reading to learn about the benefits of a backyard pond.

It’s been proven that people who live near the water are happier. Whether it’s a beach, a lake, a river, or a pond, having a water view is therapeutic. While we don’t have much flexibility when adding a river or a lake to our property, we can add ponds to our yards! If you’re interested in adding a water feature to your landscape, keep reading to learn about the benefits of a backyard pond.

Adds Property Value

If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home, a pond is a great option. Ponds can add up to 20% to your property value, making it a wise investment. Not only will a pond add value to your home, but it will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Having a pond on your property makes it stand out from other homes and helps you sell it faster and for a better price. The larger and more well-maintained the pond, the more value you can hope to add to your property.

Conserves Water

All soil-based plants, as well as your lawns, require regular watering, and lots of it! You might not realize this, but did you know that regular lawn watering uses about 750 to 1500 gallons of water every month? Ponds can be refilled with rainwater, so you don’t need to waste water to fill them. You will only need to do an occasional water change. Ponds deliver a self-sustaining hydration cycle that ensures plants are alive without watering them. You can also use the pond water to water the plants in your yard.

Adds Visual Appeal

Adding beauty to your backyard is the most obvious benefit of installing a pond. A pond can become your garden’s focal point, especially when it includes colorful fish and plants. Additional features such as waterfalls, spitters, statues, or rock borders can also be pleasing to the eye. Landscape lighting can also create ambiance, particularly at night.

Attracts Wildlife

When you get a pond installation, you add a beautiful feature to your landscape. This not only benefits you but also the wildlife you attract. If you add fish to your pond, it will balance the pond’s ecosystem. The fish will eat the algae, which will help reduce its growth. They will also bottom feed and keep the bottom of your pond clean. 

The fish will swim around your pond, stirring up the water and keeping water flowing into your filters. 

Your pond will attract other creatures, such as dragonflies, birds, frogs, and toads, who will also help keep your pond clean. Toads and baby frogs will also eat algae, while birds, adult frogs, and dragonflies will eat insects such as mosquitoes, helping to control their numbers. If you love seeing a variety of wildlife in your backyard, you will benefit from adding a pond.

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