How to Improve Your Property with a New Walkway

How to Improve Your Property with a New Walkway carroll landscaping

A creative walkway or path can make a beautiful garden even more welcoming to guests.

A beautifully landscaped yard is a point of pride for many homeowners, and a creative walkway or path can make a beautiful garden even more welcoming to guests. If your home’s walkway is dull or old, adding a new personalized path that complements your landscaping will update your home and add visual appeal to your yard. Here are a few tips to boost the appeal and value of your property with a new walkway upgrade.

Consider Optimal Placement

There aren’t endless options for adding a walkway to your front yard, but you do have some wiggle room to create an appealing aesthetic. Functionally, you’ll want the walkway to start at the street or somewhere along your driveway, depending on the layout of your property.

From there, you can align it in a straight line, create a curved pathway, or even go for irregular edges for a more organic look. It doesn’t need to be intricate, but as long as it gets people to your front door, you have some room to be creative with placement.

Consider Additional Features

Adding unique sculptures and pieces of lawn art is an excellent way to personalize your yard further and extend your home’s design scheme. For walkways, however, consider function, too. A bench along the path near a shady tree, water feature, or blooming flowerbed is a welcoming addition that invites visitors to admire the results of your hard work in the yard. Use your walkway design to accent these resting spots along the path. For example, widening the walkway is a trick many landscapers use to subtly signal visitors that they have reached a place to rest.

Use Plants and Mulch Along Your Walkway

Enhance the look of your pathway by introducing some vibrant and colorful plants and greenery. Choose various plants and shapes to draw attention to the newly designed path and create a beautiful, unified look. Landscapers commonly use mulch to create more definition in a landscape and on a walkway. It can be found in a variety of colors and can be used in garden beds and along walkways to provide contrast and make the exterior look well-kept. Mulch also protects your vegetation from the sun.

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