Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting 1Outdoor living spaces are not complete without outdoor lighting. Not only is outdoor lighting incredibly beautiful, but it also adds additional safety and security to round out your landscaping and hardscaping. Landscape lighting can be integrated into any of our landscaping or hardscaping designs to extend the hours you can enjoy them. Why is landscape lighting the perfect choice for your yard?

Why Landscape Lighting?

Outdoor landscape lighting is a critical element that many homeowners completely forget about in the midst of their deck design or outdoor kitchen construction process. Residential outdoor lighting, whether artfully installed accent lighting or walkway lighting, helps to more your home a safer place. The best landscape lighting will blend into your existing deck or landscape design and make them usable after the sun sets. Quality outdoor landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space any time of day.

The Professional Difference

Many homeowners confuse professional landscape lighting with the inexpensive landscape lights sold at big box stores and home improvement centers. However, professional landscaping companies have access to top-of-the-line outdoor lighting that is proven to stand the test of time (and snow, sleet, and everything else!). Inexpensive landscape lighting uses thinner metal, lower quality battery systems, and often comes without any circuit protection. The landscape lighting we install is safe for your yard, comes with an extended life expectancy, and has many times more durability.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting 2There are many different types of landscape lighting available to meet your needs, and they can be mixed and match throughout your yard to serve a variety of purposes. Our landscape designers will incorporate your preferred type of landscape lighting into your design to ensure that your yard isn’t just beautiful and functional during the day.

Walkway Lighting

Walkway lighting it used along the length of your outdoor walkways to keep people off of the grass and on the path, even in the middle of the night. Walkway lighting dramatically increases the safety level of your yard and will also increase the health and longevity of your lawn.

Security Lighting

Security lighting doesn’t need to be the motion-sensor floodlights most people think of. Instead, security lighting can be a beautiful accent to the exterior of your home. The right security lighting will keep your home the welcoming and friendly place it is while also discouraging anyone who shouldn’t be there from approaching. Security lighting can be integrated into your existing security features.

Accent Lighting

Do you have a particular landscaping or hardscaping feature you want to highlight in your yard? Our talented designers can set up a lighting display that will draw attention to it throughout the night. Accent lighting can be used in conjunction with our other offerings, including patios, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fire pits, decks, pergolas, and more.

Beautiful Landscape Lighting from Carroll Landscaping

Carroll Landscaping has over 30 years of experience with landscape design, landscape maintenance, and landscape plantings. Our award-winning landscape designers are passionate about providing customers with top-notch service and landscape design. Our landscape designers have a creative design outlook and work as a team with our installation crews to make your vision a reality. We are committed to providing every customer with the highest quality workmanship, professional and knowledgeable service, and creativity in design in order to surpass our clients’ expectations in every aspect of the project.

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