Types of Water Features for Your Landscape

Types of Water Features for Your Landscape carroll landscaping

There is a wide range of landscape water features, so you can select features that match your personality and preferred landscape design.

If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal and aesthetic appearance, consider adding some landscape features. Landscaping involves making any improvement on the grounds of a property. The purpose of landscaping is to make a property more appealing and attractive. Water features are some of the most beautiful landscape features, including flowing fountains and nature scenes. There is a wide range of landscape water features, so you can select features that match your personality and preferred landscape design.

Flowing Fountains

Fountains are the most traditional type of water feature in home landscaping and one of the most versatile because of the vast array of styles and designs available. Fountains are a phenomenal way to add elegance to the area near your patio or gazebo. They are mesmerizing to watch. Fountains attract birds and butterflies, adding a flash of color while they drink and play in the water. Depending on the size and layout of your lot, you may not need to dig much to connect to your water system.


When you hear the word “waterfall,” you might picture the large natural water features in movies, but you can install one in your own backyard without needing acres of land. Of course, the size of your yard will influence the size of the waterfall you can create, so you’ll want to be mindful of the entire area’s features and your proximity to any neighbors before you begin construction. Installing a waterfall in your yard allows you to enjoy the soothing sounds of falling water whenever you like. If you want something more dynamic than a fountain or patio pond, a pondless waterfall can do that for you. This could be a stream running down a drainage area or beside a set of stairs. It could also be a tall waterfall crashing down a wall. 


Ponds have been a popular landscaping water feature for years thanks to the finishing touch they add to backyards. If you want to add water plants or fish to your yard to create an entire ecosystem, ponds are a perfect way. At Carroll Landscaping, we bring our decades of experience to the planning process to help you choose the right filtration, circulation, water plants, fish, and rocks for your pond. 

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