4 Benefits of Screened Porches

4 Benefits of Screened Porches carroll landscaping

Installing a screened porch opens your outdoor space for use all year, no matter the weather.

Decks and patios are great for clear and warm weather, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy them year-round? By installing a screened porch, you’re opening that outdoor space for your use all year, no matter the weather, which means you’re getting more out of your home. Screened porches are wonderful in the spring to enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun. Sitting on a porch and basking in the delightful springtime scents and sounds of the yard is something you can look forward to. Here are just a few of the benefits of screened porches.

Increases Property Value

Screened porches add value to homes where they’re installed, especially regarding general curb appeal. A screened porch lets prospective buyers or renters picture their family enjoying that space. Because they’re not incredibly common, it could be the feature that ultimately wins them over.

Enjoy the Outdoors Without the Bugs

Bugs can make the summer months nearly unbearable, depending on where you live. In Maryland, homeowners routinely battle everything from mosquitoes to wasps to flies. A screen porch can help you enjoy the outdoors without that nuisance.

Even with open-air outdoor living spaces like decks or pergolas, many homeowners avoid them in the summer because of this bug issue. A screen porch helps you eliminate this problem. When choosing your screen porch screens, make sure to take their level of bug protection into account.

Adds More Outdoor Living Space

Screened porches and patios add valuable living space to homes. This brand-new living space could be used for all sorts of things. Want a second living room? Done!. How about a relaxing reading nook with a chair swing or hammock? Even better. Or, what about an outdoor kitchen or dining area, which would otherwise be impossible due to pesky insects? You got it! This additional outdoor living space can hold more guests for parties, special events, or a relaxing place to hang out with the family.

More Fresh Air

People have been spending more and more time at home in the past few years. While this new reality offers many benefits, being stuck inside all day is not the best. This makes screened porches the best of both worlds. A screened porch gives homeowners an outdoor space to soak up the fresh air and sunlight, boosting their health, energy levels, and creativity while still being in the comfort of their homes.

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