Can You Build a Curved Retaining Wall?

Can You Build a Curved Retaining Wall? carroll landscaping

Depending on your landscape, a curved retaining wall could add character to your overall design.

Matching function with form can be challenging when designing and constructing a retaining wall for your yard. Retaining walls are necessary for most properties, whether a small wall to house a flower bed or a taller structure that supports a large volume of soil on a steep gradient. They provide a vertical dimension to your landscape design by breaking up the monotony of flat lawns and gardens. Depending on your landscape construction, a curved retaining wall could bring additional character to your overall design. Let’s learn more about curved retaining walls and explore what makes them remarkable.

Types Of Curved Retaining Walls

Curved retaining walls come in three variants, each with different aesthetics and functionality. Inside curving walls leave spaces between the back of the wall blocks, producing an inward curve. Outside curving walls are the opposite, where the peak of the curve faces outward. Inside curving walls are better for smaller yards as they open up space, whereas outward curving walls produce a smoother look. 

Choosing the right type of curve for your landscape design is essential, as it affects the aesthetics of your design and the type of stones and sizes that will be used. 

Pick the Right Materials

Curved retaining walls are wonderfully versatile and complement traditional and contemporary hardscapes. However, it is important that the materials you select suit your existing hardscape. Rustic homes are better suited for curved stone retaining walls comprised of rugged stones or irregularly shaped boulders. Consult a professional to determine whether a particular product is well-suited to curved retaining walls or not. Cutting and reshaping are still necessary for creating any curved wall, so having a contractor with the required expertise and attention to detail has a marked impact on the final product. 

Ensure Proper Drainage

Retaining wall damage is often caused by subsurface water accumulating behind the wall. This water exerts pressure on the wall, causing it to crack or bulge and requiring costly repairs. Therefore, a proper drainage system is essential. Incorporate drainage features such as weep holes or gravel backfill to prevent water buildup behind the wall. Incorporate drainage features such as weep holes or gravel backfill to prevent water buildup behind the wall.

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