Tips for Managing Landscape Drainage

Tips for Managing Landscape Drainage carroll landscaping

We want to help you understand landscape drainage so that you can make intelligent choices.

Poor yard drainage can be one of the most frustrating issues a homeowner has to deal with. After all, you should be able to have a usable property. But every time it rains, you might feel like your lawn becomes a swamp. Even worse, you might fear all this water will end up in your home. Proper landscape drainage is essential for preventing soil erosion, protecting your home’s foundation from water damage, and reducing the risk of flooding. We want to help you understand yard drainage so that you can make intelligent choices when preventing a future problem or fixing a current one.

Signs of Poor Landscape Drainage

If there’s always some standing water on your property, it’s a sign to take action to improve the drainage in your yard. Finding drainage problems and taking proactive steps to fix them before they escalate can save you money and additional time and effort. Some signs of poor drainage include:

  • Gushing rain gutters that can’t handle the volume of water.
  • Downspouts dumping too much water in a particular area.
  • Water settling around the foundation.
  • Water consistently pools in certain areas.
  • Cracks in the foundation.
  • Soil erosion in various areas around your landscape.

Grading Your Landscape

Grading the landscape beds near the house can be the difference between water getting into your basement and water draining away safely. If your yard does not have enough grading, water will pool and flood your yard during a rainstorm. If you have severe grading on your property, water will drain away too quickly, your soil will wash away, and plants will have difficulty surviving on your property. All of our grading services start with an on-site evaluation of your property to determine the right level of grading and what steps should be taken to get your yard there.

Plan Your Plant Placement

When planning out where the plants go, some care and thought need to go into the process. If plants are too close together, the water from the roof and near the house cannot flow between the plants. Water collecting near the house is never a good idea, so keep the plants a reasonable distance apart. Succulents, ferns, and native plants are good choices for low maintenance and adequate yard drainage.

Install French Drains

French drains are a time-tested solution for an assortment of drainage woes. French drains can be designed to complement many different landscapes and direct excess water into a drain instead of distributing it throughout your property.

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