Improve Safety with Landscape Lighting

Improve Safety with Landscape Lighting carroll landscaping

Read on for a few landscape lighting tips to improve your safety outdoors.

Landscape lighting adds beauty and functionality to your outdoor living areas, but it is also an important safety element. Outdoor lighting creates a comfortable presence, allowing you to safely enjoy your landscape after dusk, and it also deters unwanted visitors from approaching. The added illumination to your entryways and yard provides peace of mind, knowing you have taken the necessary measures for the safety of your home. Read on for a few landscape lighting tips to improve your safety outdoors.

Use Outdoor-Rated Light Fixtures

When choosing lighting fixtures for your property, make sure they can withstand any weather conditions like rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. Using the wrong light fixtures wastes money, as they will break once exposed to weather, and they also pose a risk to your home and can potentially start electrical fires. 

Make sure your bulbs and extension cords are outdoor rated as well. Selecting suitable materials ensures that you don’t have to replace them frequently and will also protect your property.

Illuminate Walkways

Many of us get home late after working all day and running errands on the way home. When you arrive home after dark, you can look forward to the warm welcome of walkway lighting that will lead you to your front door. It is essential to have a clear, well-lit path leading to your front door for yourself and your guests. Choose from a variety of styles to match your home’s character – from stately or historical to rustic or modern. Many walkway lights are also solar-powered and will turn on automatically when the sun sets. 

Use Motion Lighting to Deter Criminals

Brightly lit areas make it harder for potential intruders to hide or approach undetected, reducing the risk of break-ins or vandalism. Experts agree that even just a light on the porch or backdoor is better than no lighting at all. Motion-sensor lights are effective for added protection. These lights automatically turn on when the sensor detects motion. Specific systems allow you to adjust the detection range so it covers a larger area of your yard.

Hire a Professional

If you are unsure about the placement or design of your outdoor lighting, consider hiring a professional. A professional can help you choose the right fixtures, plan the layout, and ensure your lighting is installed safely. Contact Carroll Landscaping today for professional landscape lighting installation.

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