How to Create a Multi-Use Outdoor Space

backyard with brick patio, fire pit, and retaining wall

Here are a few hardscape and landscape features to make your backyard a multi-use outdoor space.

While a landscape design that turns heads is any homeowner’s dream, the primary function of a backyard is still to facilitate outdoor living, entertainment, and the enjoyment of the outdoors. Fortunately, beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive concepts and can be combined to create a beautiful outdoor area that is comfortable and functional. Here are a few hardscape and landscape features to make your backyard more attractive while improving the quality of your outdoor living. 

Multi-Purpose Retaining Walls

While the purpose of retaining walls is to prevent soil erosion and add some vertical dimension to the landscape, sitting walls serve the same purpose while helping you become a better host! By choosing a wider wall and building them up to around 19 inches tall,  guests will naturally use them as extra seating or to place their glasses and plates as they mingle. A few comfortable cushions let you transform your small patio, enclosed by low retaining walls, into an open area with plenty of seating.

Use Paths to Connect Mult-Use Spaces

While many homeowners opt for simple pathways that serve as a stepping stone to the next outdoor space, the most resourceful designers transform their pathways into small destinations worth appreciating. Surround your walkways with stunning plants and install water features to create a calming soundtrack. You can incorporate comfortable benches along your walkways, inviting guests to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature. If your landscape has a stunning view, your walkways can be positioned to take advantage of this.

Incorporate Landscape Lighting to Illuminate Your Multi-Use Space

Great lighting completely transforms the ambiance of a landscape, especially after dark. Not only do lights make it easy to transition your patio from day to night, but they’re also great for highlighting your yard’s best features once the SunSun sets. Smart lights have further modernized landscape lighting, allowing you to set automatic timers, control brightness, and even modify the mood with different colors and color temperatures.

Position Trees for Shade

Trees tend to get taken for granted, but they add so much beauty and value to your property! Well-positioned trees provide cool shade in the summer and let the SunSun pass through in the winter, saving you money on cooling and heating costs all year. A dense barrier of shrubs can also serve as a lush, beautiful fence, shielding your patio from the road and adjacent homes. While a fence or wall can make one feel cramped, a tall perimeter of shrubs has a more relaxed look and feel.

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