Why is Landscape Grading So Important?

Why is Landscape Grading So Important? carroll landscaping

If you find pools of standing water in your yard or your home has foundation leaks, you should invest in professional grading services.

Landscape grading is the process of adjusting the slope of your property so it carries water away from your home. Since the physics of landscape grading can be complicated, it is best handled by a qualified professional. This process encourages proper drainage and adds beauty using the contours of your property. If your yard develops pools of standing water or your home shows signs of foundation leaks, it may be time to invest in professional grading services. Let’s go over the basics of landscape grading.

What is Landscape Grading?

Landscape grading is leveling or sculpting of the land to prepare the site for specific elements, such as grass and plants, or hardscaping, like a driveway, patio, or stairs.  

Grading is also used to slope the land, so water flows away from the house and prevents erosion by spreading the excess water. If the water pools in certain areas, the plants and grass can become waterlogged, damaging the landscaping over time. Standing water in your yard also invites mosquito breeding. Water pooling by the home’s foundation can leak into the house and cause structural damage.

Does My Property Have Poor Drainage?

You will recognize grading issues because the ground is uneven, you have poor drainage or there are incorrect elevations around the yard. If your yard does not have enough grading, water will pool and flood your yard during a rainstorm. If you have severe grading on your property, water will drain too quickly, soil will wash away, and plants will have difficulty surviving on your property. 

Landscape Grading Provides an Aesthetically Pleasing and Safer Yard

A level lawn is typically healthier and easier to maintain. Holes and dips in the property create water pools, and stagnant water increases the chance of lawn disease and harmful insects. Also, you can increase the cut quality and mow the lawn faster without the slopes and drops in your yard.

Finally, the last thing you want is for a visitor to trip and fall due to an unseen dip in your yard. Leveling and grading will remove this hazard and will also prevent erosion. By preventing erosion, the ground in your yard will be firm, making walking safer.

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