Increase Your Home’s Property Value with a Composite Deck

Increase Your Home's Property Value with a Composite Deck carroll landscaping

Adding a composite deck to your property is one of the best ways of increasing its value.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you may wonder which improvements will increase the value of your property. While interior remodelings are a good option, outdoor renovations are also a great avenue. Gardening and landscaping revitalize your outdoor living space, and adding a composite deck to your property is one of the best ways of increasing its value. Here are some reasons why composite decking installation can increase your home’s property value.


Composite decking combines a sturdy and resilient surface that can withstand harsh conditions with softer and more detailed finishes to give you a better outdoor living experience and improve your home’s comfort. Most composite decking boards also have added UV protection to resist fading.

Another advantage composite decks have over wood decks is that they are more slip-resistant. This minimizes the risk of accidents and is particularly beneficial in wet climates.

Increased Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most critical elements for successfully putting your home up for sale. A beautiful outdoor living space encourages potential buyers to imagine enjoying your home’s elegant outdoor amenities with their family and friends. Creating a compelling vision for the buyer is paramount when bringing buyers to the table. With its natural wood finish and appealing aesthetics, a composite deck can help your home stand out.

Increased Square Footage

Although a composite deck won’t actually increase the square footage of your house, it will create an extra area in your backyard, increasing your property’s value. Installing a composite deck creates a separate outdoor space that maximizes the potential of your landscape. Potential buyers will view the composite deck as a bonus, meaning they will pay more for your property.

Low Maintenance

One of the main reasons composite decking has become so popular is that it requires virtually no maintenance. Unlike a wooden deck, a composite deck doesn’t need to be treated, sealed, or stained and only needs occasional cleaning. The low maintenance costs of composite decking will appeal to buyers as they’ll see that the upkeep of the deck will cost them very little.

 Designing the right deck means working with your yard’s size and space constraints, providing sufficient space for your favorite outdoor activities, and incorporating other features to make the area perfect for your family. If you’re ready to install a new composite deck, contact Carroll Landscaping today!

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