Layering Your Landscape Lighting for Summer

Layering Your Landscape Lighting for Summer carroll landscaping

Keep reading for some more tips on how to upgrade your landscape lighting.

Illuminating your landscape is a necessary part of landscape design, and surprisingly, it’s much more complex than you may think. One of the fundamental principles of landscape lighting is that less is more. Overwhelming your landscape with too much light will take away from the aesthetic effect you seek with your lighting choices. You can use layered lighting to add depth and character to your outdoor spaces, and with the assistance of a landscaping expert, you can successfully plan your outdoor lighting. Keep reading for some more tips on how to upgrade your landscape lighting.

Ambient Landscape Lighting

The first layer in your lighting plan is to provide ambient lighting in appropriate areas. Ambient lighting is the overall illumination of a space. Pools, patios, and other areas where social activities occur are all appropriate spaces to install ambient lighting.


However, remember that the wattage and color are essential. You do not want overly bright or colored lighting in your outdoor spaces. It’s also important to provide ambient lighting using multiple sources. This reduces glare and ensures bright light sources do not cause discomfort. Keep ambient lighting low and comfortable for the best ambiance for your outdoor setting.

Functional Lighting

Functional lighting is essential while designing your landscaping, particularly for walkway safety, outdoor cooking, and other dining areas. This lighting level is brighter and cleaner than other layers but is specific to a small area designated for a particular function.

Functional lighting facilitates a task specific to the space, so planning this level will require consideration of how your outdoor spaces will be used. You may consider timers, motion detectors, or some other type of system to limit its use when needed. Still, a limited inclusion of functional lighting adds depth to your nighttime landscape when incorporated with the other layers. 

Accent Lighting

Finally, accent lighting ensures your landscape features remain focal points even at night. Your landscape aesthetic shouldn’t suffer simply because the sun sets. Water fountains, trees, outdoor fireplaces, and statues can be focal features. For parties and gatherings, you can also add accent lights with string lights, torches, or hanging lights to add a bit of glamour and interest to your existing layered lighting system.

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