What is a Pergola and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Pergola and Why Do You Need One? carroll landscaping

Pergolas enhance decks, patios, gardens, and much more! Let’s go over the basics of a pergola and why you need one on your property.

While you may have seen pergolas on residential and commercial properties, you still may not know exactly what they are. In fact, pergolas have been around for centuries. A pergola is a large luxury outdoor structure with an open lattice roof mounted on posts. These versatile structures enhance decks, patios, gardens, and much more! Let’s go over the basics of a pergola and why you should trust Carroll Landscaping to install one on your property.

What is a Pergola?

The pergola is a fantastic, traditional outdoor structure for residential and commercial properties. They are open-air structures secured with four posts and topped with cross beams or lattices. The delicate structures are commonly made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Pergolas set the mood, create privacy and shade, designate dining areas, and look picturesque in gardens. As spending time outdoors continues to trend, a pergola is fitting. You can install a custom, durable modern pergola to define your landscape, add a touch of luxury, or as an extension of your home.

Pergolas Provide Outdoor Living Space

A custom pergola design offers a defined area to eat, talk and relax. Do you love showing off your yard, home, and surrounding property? A new pergola is a great conversation starter and provides a welcoming space to highlight the beauty of your outdoor living space. Make bringing guests together under one open roof a frequent affair with outdoor parties and family reunions.

In addition to outdoor dining and entertainment, a pergola is extremely suitable for an outdoor office or an extra living room.

Pergolas Create Shade

Pergolas are designed to add shade to your backyard. They are excellent for providing relief from the harsh, direct UV rays while allowing sunlight to fill the space. Although pergolas do not offer full shade as a stand-alone structure, their versatile structures allow many shade options. If you desire full coverage, you can add a retractable canopy. This option will enable you to enjoy various levels of shade depending on the time of day or the sun’s location.

Pergolas Add Beauty to Your Backyard

Pergolas add a stylish touch to any backyard, patio, or pool area. While their structures are eye-catching, the possibilities for enhancing your pergola’s beauty and style are endless.

You can choose the material for your pergola. Pergolas are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and more. Depending on your style, these materials add rustic, modern, classy, or elegant style to your structure. You can also add hanging plants or vines through the beams. Give your pergola a romantic feel and install lighting around the posts or through the cross beams. 

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