4 Driveway Design Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

4 Driveway Design Tips to Boost Curb Appeal carroll landscaping

If you’re considering starting on a driveway project, consider these tips regarding your driveway design.

The ideal driveway is functional and attractive – functional enough to use daily and attractive enough to add curb appeal to your yard. Just as your front door welcomes visitors to your home, your driveway invites guests onto your property. And since you will interact with it daily, choosing an appealing driveway design makes sense.

If you’re considering starting on a driveway project, consider these tips regarding your driveway design.

Match Your Driveway to Your Home’s Exterior

The first way to create a unique driveway design is to match it to the exterior of your home. Create a unified look by selecting a paver with one or more colors reminiscent of your house and its adjacent structures. Contrasts can help highlight the different colors used, and the result can be surprisingly harmonious. Recalling the texture of your home’s masonry is a must for a standout design! For example, if your brick has a specific texture, choose a paver with a similar one to create visual harmony. 

Consider Vehicle Dynamics

Cars must be able to navigate your driveway easily and safely. For example, cars can’t turn at right angles, so it’s important to design curves and turns to accommodate the sweeping motion. Consider your driveway’s length and how vehicles can most easily exit. Can they turn around, or will they have to back down the driveway and into the street? If possible, it’s best to install a turn-around so drivers can safely drive forward out of your driveway.

Get Creative with Shapes

For a dynamic and original look, incorporate the various shapes or lines found on your home’s facade in the design of your driveway. Contemporary houses are the perfect candidates thanks to their straight lines and geometric shapes.

Install Pavers

Pavers are a popular material used in driveways. Permeable pavers are especially well-suited for rainy climates, as they allow water to slowly filter into the soil instead of flooding into storm drains. An engineered paver driveway can withstand 8,000 pounds of pressure – four times what a poured concrete driveway can hold. Also, if a crack appears, you can replace only the affected pavers instead of the entire driveway. Pavers are available in various shapes, textures and colors to perfectly complement your home’s style. 

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