What a Pergola Does for a Home

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A pergola does so much for a home aesthetically.

A pergola does so much for a home aesthetically. We could talk about that for days on end by itself. Then, add on the fact that pergolas have practical purposes as well. When you hire us, the options for how you can upgrade your outdoor living spaces are almost limitless. Today we will be going into more detail about what a pergola does for a home. 

What is a Pergola?

Before going into the positives about pergolas, it matters to define what one is. People often don’t see this word every day. Also, sometimes people get pergolas confused with porticos and gazebos. A pergola is an archway that you may have seen in parks, gardens, and yards. Its framework consists of vertical posts or pillars that support crossbeams and an open lattice ceiling. 

Pergolas Are Pretty Stunning to See

The most obvious fact about pergolas is that they beautify any space that they surround. They have a beauty to them that is hard to compare to other outdoor living space features. They make a yard look more regal and majestic. If you’re about visual interest, then a pergola is perfect for your home because it adds so much elegance. It’s a stunning medium that showcases climbing vines, ivy, and flowers. 

Pergolas Highlight Landscape Features in the Best Way 

A pergola is beautiful by itself, and then, it showcases vines, ivy, and flowers. We can plant these landscaping features in the right place so that they weave their way up through the pergola’s supports and their beams. This visual is truly something. You can also hang planters through the beam to highlight the beauty of them as well. A vast pergola filled with vines and vibrant flowers helps create an outdoor oasis. 

A Pergola Provides Shade And Adds Structure to Your Yard

Enjoying time outside is relaxing. However, spending time outdoors can put you at the risk of being overheated or dealing with sun damage. Pergolas help create a sunny, shady area in a person’s backyard where they can relax with less intensity from the sun. What’s even better is that this feature can help define an outdoor living space and add structure to it. A pergola is a focal point that can serve as a guide on where to put other hardscaping features or landscaping features. 

If you, too, see the positives to pergolas, then give us a call today and ask us about this elegant structure. 

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