3 Must-Have Landscaping Features for Your Front Yard

3 Must-Have Landscaping Features for Your Front Yard Carroll Landscaping

How you design your front yard says a lot about you.

How you design your front yard says a lot about you. If your desire is for your home to have curb appeal like never before, then we can help. There is almost an endless number of ways that you can personalize your landscape. It can be challenging to narrow down what landscaping features to choose. Well, we’re here to help with that as well. If you want to transform your front yard, here are three must-have landscaping features that you should consider. 

Walkways and Driveways Turn a House Into a Home

We use pavers, bricks, natural stone, or concrete to develop a border and a dedicated entryway into the yard and home. We can set your driveway apart from the lawn with a stone border to create a sharp impact with clean lines for the ultimate modern landscape. As you can see, if you don’t prefer stone, we offer other options because we understand that all homeowners have different preferences. Nothing says “welcome home” more, or is more welcoming than a well-designed entryway. Walkways, in particular, help lead people to and highlight specific landscaping features, and make it easier to walk around. Sometimes grass can be uneven or sunk in, making it a safety hazard. Luckily, we have the landscaping expertise to fix this type of issue as well. 

Retaining Walls Add Depth and Dimension to a Landscape

Multi-level landscapes are trendy for a reason. Layered lawns with structured features create the illusion that your front yard is much bigger than it is. Retaining walls usually work well with inclined yards and help combat water runoff and soil erosion. However, if your yard is flat, there are still ways to add dimension to it. Think pergolas, trees, or shrubs and colorful flowers planted alongside a walkway or pathway. Call in and ask us about the many ways that we can add visual interest to your yard. 

Beautiful Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture isn’t necessarily a landscaping feature, and not all front yards have a porch. But, if you do have a front porch, consider this. The wrong outdoor furniture can detract from a well-designed landscape. Consider choosing color choices that compliment your landscape. For example, if you pick colors that are too dark, it could make your front yard look a little drab. The point is that landscapes work as a system, and the goal is to make them as cohesive and complementary as possible. 

If you’re saying “yes” to adding curb appeal to your front yard, give us a call.  

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