Solutions for How Storms Affect Landscaping

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Walkways are an effective landscaping solution regarding inclement weather among other solutions.

Today’s topic of discussion is how storms affect landscaping. Maryland is known for its unpredictable weather. Throughout this summer, a lot of rainy weather has hit this region. Rainy weather can help you relax, put a damper on your beach plans, and it also has a particular way of affecting your plants and trees. Here is what you should know about how storms can affect landscaping and various solutions to help combat weather-related disturbances. 

The Effect That Storms Have on Landscaping 

When your landscape receives too much rain at once, it can be as damaging as having a drought. When plants don’t have enough water, it limits their growth and makes them more susceptible to diseases. Your trees and shrubs can scorch and defoliate when they don’t receive any water or rain for a long time. 

Inversely, when there is too much rain, many trees and plants can’t survive for much longer than a week with too much water saturating them. Why? It causes their oxygen source to cut off, making it challenging for trees and plants to get the energy they require. 

What to Know About Soil Erosion 

Erosion refers to the process when land wears down. Different types of storms can cause this to happen. Too much rain, flooding, in particular, can damage the soil and begin the process of erosion. Damaged soil affects the plants and trees surrounding it and has a ripple effect of hindering your landscape’s appearance and overall curb appeal. 

So, What Are Some Landscaping Solutions for Storms and Soil Erosion? 

  1. Landscape Grading: When you hire us to grade your lawn, the result is your property having a downward slope to ensure that water will not damage your home or yard.
  2. Overseeding: Overseeding or dormant seeding refers to winter lawn care, and this technique can assist in creating strong, healthy grass that can withstand the winter months. While plants go dormant, ice and snow can still affect your landscape. 
  3. French Drains: A french drain helps redirect water from a particular area to avoid flooding.
  4. Retaining Walls: Retaining walls aid in preventing soil erosion while supporting elevation changes on your property. They also help edge your garden and add visual interest to your outdoor living space.
  5. Walkways: Walkways help particularly regarding snowstorms because they allow you to clear paths in a less taxing manner. In addition, they make your property safer and easier to navigate overall
  6. Tree Pruning: Prune trees consistently to make them less susceptible to storm damage. 

If you’re ready to ensure that your landscape is less susceptible to inclement weather, give Carroll Landscaping a call today! 

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