Here are 6 August Landscaping Tips!

August Landscaping Tips Carroll Landscaping

For more August landscaping tips and year-round recommendations, please continue to read our weekly content.

Today’s topic of discussion will be a few August landscaping tips. While it may be August, there are still things that you can do to ensure that your landscape looks its best, one of them being hiring Carroll Landscaping. Summer technically doesn’t end until September 22nd. Also, a common misconception is that when fall comes, homeowners should neglect their landscape. Until your plants become dormant, you can do many things to ensure your outdoor living space has the ultimate curb appeal. Let’s discover some August landscaping tips. 

Water Your Lawn Properly 

Refrain from watering your lawn in the evening. Otherwise, your property will be more susceptible to disease, mold, and pests. Also, watering your lawn during the middle of the day means that the sun will evaporate the water quickly. We advise you to water early in the morning to ensure that the water has plenty of time to soak into the soil. If you can’t dedicate a few minutes of your morning to watering the lawn, the proper drainage systems can be helpful. 

Take Care of Thatch! 

Thatch refers to dried grass, clippings, and debris that can collect on your lawn. Before the fall comes, and in general, you should take the time to remove this thatch. Fall aeration is also something to consider to ensure that you have plenty of room for seeds during Autumn. 

Wave Goodbye to Weeds! 

Weeds are an eyesore, but were you aware that weeds can show up in the cracks of patios and driveways if not kept at bay? You should invest in removing weeds to keep your landscape at its best regarding soil health and aesthetics.

Feed Your Lawn With Nitrogen-Rich Nutrients 

Lawns become particularly dry during the summer months. Aim to use nitrogen-rich fertilizers. Fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen foster growth and fight off pests and disease simultaneously. 

Invest in A Mulch Refresh 

A healthy layer of mulch has so many benefits. The increased hydration is an advantage as well as frost protection, fewer weeds, fewer diseases. A thin and old layer of mulch doesn’t help your lawn reach its full potential. 

Start Planning for Fall Hardscaping Projects  

While it may still be warm now, it’s never too early to plan. Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are beautiful and highly functional accessories for your landscape. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel frustrated that they can no longer use their outdoor living space when there is a bit of chill in the air. However, this doesn’t have to be the case when you hire Carroll Landscaping. 

For more August landscaping tips and year-round recommendations, please continue to read our weekly content. 

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