Protecting Your Landscape and Hardscaping this Winter

Protecting Your Landscape and Hardscaping this Winter carroll landscaping

With winter on its way, it’s important to follow some strategies to keep your landscape and hardscape in good condition during this season.

With winter on its way, it’s important to follow some strategies to keep your landscape and hardscape in good condition during this season. During the winter, there are many harsh conditions regarding temperature and precipitation, so it’s vital to be prepared. Everything from your plants and trees to your deck and patio is affected by severe winter weather. So, we have tips for protecting your landscape and hardscape elements this winter. Keep reading to learn more!

Water Your Plants

Winter doesn’t mean you can neglect watering your grass and plants. When the weather gets cold, we often stop maintaining landscape—but the need for water doesn’t go away just because the temperature drops. Not hydrating your trees, lawns, and hedges over the winter can cause many issues, including increased susceptibility to disease. 

Repair Damaged Hardscape 

The freeze/thaw cycle is the biggest challenge to your hardscape. Water buildup absorbed into porous concrete freezes and expands. This expansion causes pressure to build up. Eventually, this pressure exceeds the limit that the concrete can withstand. Concrete will flake off or crack when that limit is reached, commonly called spalling. Cracks in concrete and stone start small but can grow into a larger and more expensive problem the longer you wait. Repairing these minor damages before it snows will prevent extensive damage.

Prune Dormant Trees and Shrubs

Winter pruning allows limbs to heal from cuts before warmer weather insects or disease pathogens emerge. Pruning dormant plants inhibits new growth stimulation until spring, when conditions are ideal for growing. Just be sure you do not prune spring-blooming trees and shrubs until after they flower, or you will remove the buds.

Clear Your Drains

Clearing drains during the winter ensures that snow and other debris do not accumulate on your hardscape and cause damage. Also, be aware of water runoff and ensure there are no areas where water can get trapped and freeze onto your hardscape.

Be Careful with Salt

Salt is an extremely valuable resource in the winter. It’s excellent at clearing up snow and ice, which keeps your property safe. However, you must be cautious when using salt around your landscape. Your plants can absorb salt through their roots, leading to issues in spring. This is especially bad because you probably won’t notice problems with your plant roots until months later.

Upgrade Your Irrigation System

Winter is a great time to overhaul or upgrade your irrigation system to a more efficient system. Then, when the growing season starts, you’ll be ready. Waiting until spring or summer to get started also means you will likely face long wait times to schedule contractors.

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