Preparing Your Outdoor Kitchen for Summer

Preparing Your Outdoor Kitchen for Summer carroll landscaping

Before you fire up the grill, have you used your outdoor kitchen in the past few months?

During summer, homeowners want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Whether you like to host large summer barbecues or want to relax after sunset, your outdoor living area is your safe haven this summer. If you have an outdoor kitchen, now is the time to get it ready. 

Before you fire up the grill, try to remember: have you used your outdoor kitchen equipment in the past few months? If not, be sure to prepare your equipment, as well as your backyard, for another fun summer. Here are some tips to help you out.

Clean Your Yard

Since your backyard will be your dining room for the next few months, treat it like your interior dining room and clean it up. Rake up loose leaves, tree branches, loose mulch, and trash. Wipe off the patio furniture, outdoor fireplace, and appliances so everything is fresh and clean.

Additionally, even if you don’t think your deck and patio are dirty, you’ll be surprised how much better it looks with thorough power washing.

Clean the Grill’s Interior

You must clean your grill even if you have not used your outdoor kitchen equipment in months or if it’s been in storage the whole time. When you open your grill, you may find dirt, debris, and even some unwanted visitors. Even if there’s no visible dirt, you and your guests will still benefit from a good cleaning. 

Soaking removable parts in soapy water removes a great deal of mess. Abrasive tools will come in handy for grease, melted fat, and other tough residue. Grill brushes, wire brushes, and steel wool will eliminate stubborn stains without damaging the equipment. 

Check the Grill’s Ignition

This is also the perfect time to test your barbeque’s ignition. The last thing you want is to find the grill doesn’t work right before dinner.

If your grill does not turn on immediately, it may need a moment since it has been sitting idle for months. If it still doesn’t fire up, the issue may be the fuel source. Even if you protect everything from the elements, gas can still degrade, and batteries can still corrode. If fuel is not the problem either, you may need to replace something. Check for faulty burners and try lighting the barbeque yourself while taking proper safety precautions. See if any parts that are not working just require a reset. If all else fails, call an expert.

Upgrade Your Appliances

If you plan a lot of outdoor entertaining or eat most of your meals there, it’s worth upgrading your appliances to make your outdoor dining experience easier. When eating or entertaining outside, you don’t want people going in and out of the house to grab a beverage. A built-in mini fridge made from glass and stainless steel gives everyone easy access to cold drinks and adds style to your outdoor kitchen.

Also, warming drawers help keep food warm when preparing multiple courses. For example, a warming drawer can warm your main course while guests finish their entrées. This way, no one needs to go inside to use the microwave or oven.

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