Low Maintenance Landscaping

By: Kevin Moore CLT, Carroll Landscaping, Inc.

I was talking to one of my friends trying to figure out what the most frequent request we receive from our clients. Most of are clients come to us with a long list of wants and needs when we start planning there landscape. Colorful, cost effective and big enough area to entertain on are three very regular requests. By far the one request we get from 99 out of 100 clients( generally the other one forgot to mention it) is that it need to be low maintenance. My ultimate suggestion for a low maintenance landscape is a very simple one, lots and lots of concrete! Low maintenance and landscape are in no way synonymous. Once the concrete suggestion has been rejected we start looking at other alternatives. The first step in minimizing landscape maintenance is proper plant selection. Shrubs like boxwoods are evergreen, deer resistant and don’t require very much if any pruning to find there preferred shape. They make a great year round foundation planting. There are a wide variety of perennial flowers that bloom for the entire summer and basically decompose on there own at the first frost. I recommend¬†Coreopsis verticillata¬†to fill in colorfully without making a mess. When planning your landscaping, I always recommend choosing a Landscape contractor who actually pays attention to your needs and is capable of planning accordingly. If you want a low maintenance landscape a water feature is absolutely out of the question unless you are willing to put some regular effort into maintaining it. The ultimate low maintenance tip is to include accent boulders in your landscaping. Boulders do not require watering, pruning and will never have to be treated for disease. Allocating the majority of your budget to your hardscape (patios, walkways, etc.) allows your designer to create a beautiful outdoor living space that will be the envy of your friends year round. Take the time to ask your landscaper questions and you can minimize the extra work your yard requires. Budgeting for your landscaping to be maintained professionally prior to installation is a great way to know exactly what your dream landscape will cost you and allow you to enjoy your plantings from the car as pull into the driveway instead being on your knees pulling weeds. Pre and post emergent chemical applications can be safe and highly effective when applied professionally to reduce the need for weeding. Plan accordingly and you can enjoy your summer relaxing instead of doing yard work.

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