Fire Pits: Safety Rules You Should Follow

Fire Pits Safety Rules Carroll Landscaping

Fire pits are a fantastic addition to a backyard.

Fire pits are a fantastic addition to a backyard. They add visual appeal while also keeping you and your family warm. Even if the night air is nippy, it’s nice to enjoy the outdoors without feeling too cold. If you’re considering owning a fire pit, or you already own one, it’s an excellent idea to familiarize yourself with safe usage practices. Here are a few safety rules that you should follow when using fire pits.

Be Aware of the Clearance

Before you warm up your fire pit, you want to ensure that it’s at least fifteen feet away from your home, anything flammable, or any overhanging branches. When in doubt, check with local ordinances because it varies in different areas. Propane or natural gas-fed firepits are not subject to the same restrictions, therefore making them the more convenient option. 

Fire Pits and Fire Fuel

The rule of thumb when lighting a fire pit is to keep sparks from flying. One way to do this is to ensure that your logs are no longer than ¾ of the pits’ diameter. For gas pits, ensure that all vents are clear so that your backyard doesn’t become smoke-filled. Use only the fuel that is appropriate for your fire pit. For wood-burning fire pits, you never want to load in too many sticks. Otherwise, they may fall onto your property, a fire safety hazard that you don’t want. Once you light your fire pit, never leave it unattended, and watch it closely in case, it begins to burn too brightly. 

Sparking the Flames and Putting Them Out

Refrain from using lighter fluid, gas, or kerosene to light a fire. There are many ways to put out flames if they begin to burn wildly. Water or sand are options and a Class B or Class C fire extinguisher with a multipurpose rating. Some homeowners have these in their kitchen. If you’re going to use a nozzle to calm a fire down, have it on a setting where you don’t douse your fire pit or spread embers around, such as a “spray” setting. In the case of a gas or propane pit, turn off the supply before trying to extinguish the fire. 

Seating and Fire Pits

Keep seats far enough away from your fire pit so that people can move around freely without getting too close to the fire. Other safety tips include:

  • Keeping pets and children at least three feet away from a fire
  • Refrain from using your fire pit on a very windy day
  • Avoid using softwoods (e.g., cedar and pine) as fuel.

If you’re interested in bringing warmth and aesthetic appeal by adding a fire pit to your backyard, reach out to us today. 

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