3 Landscaping Myths Debunked

Landscaping Myths Carroll Landscaping

What landscaping myths are you guilty of?

Today we’re going to go over three landscaping myths. Since it’s winter and plants are dormant, it’s ideal to think about the type of landscape you want before spring rolls around. Every homeowner wants a healthy and lush landscape, which Carroll Landscaping, Inc can help you achieve. Still, not understanding what’s fact versus fiction could mean that you’ve been doing your landscape a disservice for a long time. Here are three things that homeowners should keep in mind. 

Landscaping Myth #1: You Should Water Your Plants at Night

We strongly advise that you water your plants early in the morning before the sun reaches its peak. The lack of evaporation that happens at night means that water sits, creating a breeding ground for mold and fungi. Are you at work early in the morning? The good news is that you can buy a sprinkler with a timer that can water your plants for you at a specific time while you’re away from the house. 

Landscaping Myth #2: The Shorter the Grass, the Better

The most appealing landscapes aren’t barren. They’re fruitful. Most people decide to leave their grass short because they don’t want to mow it as much. When you cut your grass, so that’s it’s not very tall, it leaves the land dry and susceptible to weeds and brown patches. Between 3-5 inches is ideal.

Landscaping Myth #3: You Can Only Use Your Outdoor Living Space During the Spring and Summer

We get that spring and summer are synonymous with flowers blooming and warm weather. It makes sense to spend time in your garden during these seasons. However, you can get a lot of use out of your outdoor living space. Yes, in the fall and even during the winter! Hardscape features like outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, and features like landscape lighting can help you extend your outdoor living space. Plus, many fall plantings can beautify your property before leaves begin to fall each season. Upon researching this topic, you may be shocked to find that many plants can thrive in less hot conditions. 

Whenever you’re ready to have a beautiful and healthy landscape, reach out to Carroll Landscaping! 

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