Does a Deck or Patio Better Suit Your Outdoor Living Space: Part Two

Decks or Patios for an Outdoor Living Space Carroll Landscaping

The choice of picking a deck or patio for your outdoor living space holds so much significance that we couldn’t fit all of this valuable information into one blog!

The choice of picking a deck or patio for your outdoor living space holds so much significance that we couldn’t fit all of this valuable information into one blog! Decks and patios define and set the tone for outdoor living spaces. For this reason, it takes a lot of consideration when choosing one or the other. Here is part two of determining if a deck or patio better suits your outdoor living space. 

Decks Have Weight Guidelines

Decks have weight restrictions due to their elevated height. A well-constructed deck should have a sturdy enough foundation to contain the weight of both furniture and guests. For this reason, it matters to have the correct permits and inspections throughout the construction process. 

Consider what you want to put on your deck and ensure that it fits within the weight restrictions. For example, if you’re going to include a hot tub in your outdoor living space, a patio might provide a better foundation because it is flat to the ground. 

Patios Can be Easier to Maintain Than Natural Wood Decks

Natural stone paver patios are trendy for a reason. Replacement is easy if a paver or two become damaged, which is rare. There is a reason that so many ancient artifacts have preserved their structural integrity throughout the years. Stone is the reason. It’s sturdy, durable, and slip-resistant. 

Natural wood, on the other hand, requires particular maintenance tasks. You have to stain or repaint them, seal them, and powerwash them now and then. Fortunately, compared to a deck made of only natural stone, composite decks rank high in durability. You can look forward to knowing that a composite deck doesn’t warp or rot. 

Decks, on Average, Have a Higher Resale Value 

A deck might cost more money to construct than a patio, but it’s worth it! A deck is indeed a wise investment in places such as Maryland, where the weather takes a while to become cold. Plus, converting a deck into a screened porch is also an excellent idea! Screened porches keep the bugs away, and features such as ceiling fans keep this space at a moderate temperature. 

Is it still challenging to decide if a deck or patio is better? If it’s within your budget, choose both! You can also call our professionals today to help lead you in the right direction. 

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