Does a Deck or Patio Better Suit Your Outdoor Living Space: Part 1

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Both decks and patios are suitable choices for an outdoor living space

Both decks and patios are suitable choices for an outdoor living space. There is nothing wrong at all with choosing both. However, if you’re on a budget, you might think about the better option. Some homeowners, to save money, spread out their home improvement projects. Decks and patios have very similar benefits. However, they have fundamental differences regarding their construction, the materials used, the pricing, and how they impact your property’s aesthetics. We encourage you to learn today the differences between a deck or patio and which one might be better for your outdoor living space.

Decks Give Your Outdoor Living Space an Interesting Vantage Point

Decks tend to sit higher up than patios, and for that reason, you can enjoy a more expansive view of your property and neighborhood. It all depends on your home’s location and the surrounding environment. However, you can enjoy looking out at the horizon, and if you live near the water, this view is even more stunning. 

Decks Tend to Have More Building Restrictions Than Patios 

When building a deck, permits and inspections are permissible. Since decks attach to homes and impact their exterior structures, this makes a lot of sense. Before deck construction begins, the proper permits are necessary. When you ensure that a deck is up to code and in alignment with municipality requirements, it guarantees that you have a safe outdoor space. We often mention in our content that homeowners need to see what their HOA guidelines are if they have an HOA. 

On the other hand, patios sit directly on the ground and don’t have as many laws against building them a particular way. Patios do not attach to a house and don’t affect its exterior structure the way a deck does. Nonetheless, it’s always an excellent idea to check if permits are necessary. 

Patios Tend to be the Cost-Effective Option 

Patios tend to be more affordable than decks. However, you should always consider the patio’s material, size, and location because these can impact its cost. 

It’s Easier to Build a Deck on Uneven Terrain 

Patio construction requires excavation. In addition, patios go directly on flat ground. For that reason, it’s more convenient to build a patio on even land. If your landscape has grading issues, we can solve this problem. It’s best to take care of this before a patio installation happens. 

Call us if you’re ready to ensure your outdoor living space with a deck, patio, or both! 

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