Benefits of Landscape Grading and Proper Drainage

Benefits of Landscape Grading and Proper Drainage carroll landscaping

Land grading can make your landscape stable and more usable. Maintaining proper drainage is one of the essential parts of the landscape design process.

Do you want to add a patio or garden bed in your backyard but find your landscape too hilly or uneven? If so, land grading can make your landscape stable and more usable. Maintaining proper drainage is one of the essential parts of the landscape design process. Poor drainage can lead to major structural damage on the inside of your home and ruin the gorgeous outdoor landscaping. Carroll Landscaping can perform landscape drainage and grading services on your property to ensure that water ends up only where it should. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of landscape grading.

Improves Drainage

If you own a home with any outdoor space, consider how well water drains from it. Proper drainage is more than an aesthetic consideration; drainage can affect your home and your family. Poor drainage leads to overly wet yard conditions, affecting plant growth and attracting mosquito colonies.

However, landscape grading physically redistributes your landscape’s slope, which may include moving soil or creating retaining walls. Rather than just leveling your yard, grading adjusts the slope to encourage proper drainage. 

Creates More Usable Space

Sloped yards can make parts of your landscape unusable. For instance, if your home is built on a steep slope leading to the back door, the backyard cannot support a patio or other features for outdoor entertainment. By grading the landscape and creating a flat surface, you can build a patio with steps leading down from the main level and other features like outdoor kitchens or fire pits.

Protects Your Home’s Foundation

An improperly-graded backyard can lead to basement water damage and even crumbling foundations. This happens when standing water seeps into the ground and through cracks in basement walls. Moisture also creates new cracks or widens existing ones. Significant water damage undermines the stability of even the strongest foundations.

Thus, it’s essential to grade your yard, so it does not collect runoff. A proper slope angle allows water to drain past your home, which a professional landscaping company can create for you.

Healthier Plants

In addition to protecting your home, land grading prevents damage to your landscape and makes your plants healthier. Landscape grading improves plant health by handling water drainage issues. When it rains, the water can pool in a specific area, like the bottom of a hill. That water pooling leads to grass and plants becoming overwatered and effectively drowning. Plus, overwatered landscapes tend to attract mosquitos and other pests.

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