5 Things to Know About Retaining Walls

5 Things to Know About Retaining Walls carroll landscaping

The experts at Carroll Landscaping have everything you need to know about landscape retaining walls and your property.

Retaining walls can be beneficial in a modern landscape design. They provide your backyard with extra support where it is needed and prevent earth and dirt from sliding downhill due to erosion. Retaining walls have many aesthetic and practical benefits. They can protect your house from damage caused by flooding, for example. The experts at Carroll Landscaping have everything you need to know about landscape retaining walls and your property. Keep reading for more!

Check Building Codes

In most states, retaining walls taller than a qualified and licensed professional must design four feet. Retaining walls are considered structures and require city approval. The approval process varies depending on your location, but it typically involves submitting plans for your retaining wall and getting approval from them.

Know Where the Property Line Is

You must know the setback requirements when building a retaining wall along your property line. The setback is the minimum distance the retaining wall must be constructed from the property line. Often the limit is typically five feet or more. However, check with your local government to determine the specific requirements. You don’t want to build your retaining wall only to find out it is not in compliance later and you have to tear it down.

Retaining Walls Creates Usable Land

If you have a sloped backyard, you know that only part of the land is usable. And the other part isn’t because the slope is too steep to build on. Retaining walls create a level area in your backyard, making it appear larger and more functional.

Retaining Walls Control Water Runoff

Retaining walls can also slow the flow of rainwater, which is critical if you live in an area susceptible to heavy rains. Without a retaining wall, your lawn may with excess water. However, a retaining wall prevents unwanted flooding and diverts the water to needed areas.

Retaining Walls Combine Form and Function

They can be used to craft attractive terraces, creating space where there was only a slope. Adding flower boxes to the edges of your retaining walls will also give your outdoor spaces a colorful boost. Retaining walls hold back the soil to make space for an entertainment area. Seating can be added to their base for appeal around a barbecue or patio area.

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