What to Know About Screened Porches

What to Know About Screened Porches carroll landscaping

With the record-high temperatures right now, a porch can be a much-needed reprieve.

Front and back porches are an extension of our homes. They extend our living spaces and allow us to enjoy the outdoors. With the record-high temperatures right now, a porch can be a much-needed reprieve. When updating or building a new porch, homeowners wonder if they should choose a screened porch. With summer already here, this is a great question. So, let’s go over what you should know about screened porches.

What is a Screened Porch?

A screened porch is a porch enclosed with framed, screen windows. The screen is usually built around an existing porch’s floor and with a separate roof from the house. A screened porch can be in the house’s front, back, or side. Screened porches on the side or back of the house usually add value and curb appeal to the property, whereas a screened-in front porch is less popular because there’s usually less privacy.

Keeps the Bugs Out

A great benefit of choosing a screened porch versus a standard porch is that the screened porch keeps out bugs, rodents, and any other pesky critters, letting you relax without the nuisances. Who wouldn’t prefer a screened porch for that reason alone?! 

Adds Value to Your Home

Adding a screened porch while incurring an up-front cost, will increase your home’s value. Some more benefits of screened porches include:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Extra space for entertaining or extending your indoor rooms
  • Allows for good flow of fresh air.

Screened-in porches also provide the most natural light possible. By enclosing an existing porch or deck with screens, you can ensure your space gets every available ray of natural sunlight, even during those humid, muggy days in Maryland.

How Often Will You Use Your Screened Porch?

Are you expecting to use it year-round? Or only when the weather’s nice in the spring and summer? Will you use the space for family gatherings or parties?

Having an idea of how frequently you’ll be using your screened porch helps you determine comfortable you need to make it and how much you want to invest in it. 

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