What to Know About Retaining Walls

What to Know About Retaining Walls carroll landscaping

Retaining walls can be used as added privacy or to transform landscape beds to benefit their natural surroundings.

If you are looking to improve your landscape, there are many ways you can add to your property to enhance its appearance and functionality. One improvement many homeowners swear by is a retaining wall, especially if your property is on uneven or sloped terrain. A retaining wall is typically made of concrete, rocks, stones, or other solid materials that help retain the soil in a sloped area. These walls can also be used as added privacy or to transform landscape beds to benefit their natural surroundings. Keep reading to learn more about retaining walls.

Functions of a Retaining Wall

Prevents Erosion

A retaining wall is a vital component of keeping the soil in place. They are usually found in outdoor spaces that need extra support to prevent earth and dirt from sliding downhill due to erosion. When planned well, the walls redirect water from rain and runoff so it doesn’t pool and affect the important areas of your lawn. 

Creates Usable Land

If you have a slope on your property, then you know that not every part of the land is usable because the hill is too steep to build anything on it. A retaining wall creates a level area in your outdoor living space, making your backyard appear larger and giving it more functionality.

Reduces Water Runoff

Retaining walls also help slow the flow of rainwater, which is critical if you live in a region susceptible to heavy rains. Without a retaining wall, your lawn can be flooded with excess water. However, a properly installed retaining wall prevents unwanted flooding and diverts the water to other areas, such as a part of your garden covered by a roof or tree.

Retaining Walls Combine Form and Function

Residential retaining walls transform your yard from a chaotic, hilly mess into an ordered and structured environment. They can be used to craft attractive landscapes that create space where there was none before. Retaining walls can hold back the soil to allow for entertainment areas. You can put seating or decorations around the wall’s base for added appeal around a barbecue or swimming pool area. Creative use of retaining walls can transform almost any uneven area into an eye-catching space. 

A retaining wall is only effective if installed correctly in the right area, so trusting a professional with the job is critical. At Carroll Landscaping, we take care of the site preparation and proper installation, always considering grading and drainage along the way.

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