Tips for Walkway and Pathway Design

Did you know that there is a difference between a walkway and a pathway? Both will add to your outdoor area nonetheless, but there are a few considerations to think about when choosing between the two.

Did you know that there is a difference between a walkway and a pathway? Landscape architects often lay out the difference.  Walkways are finished paved surfaces designed to create a formal path. They usually consist of hard paving materials. In contrast, a pathway is a more recreational choice for a landscape, made of materials that would suit the countryside or casual scenery. Both will add to your outdoor area nonetheless, but there are a few considerations to think about when choosing between the two. Keep reading for tips that will help distinguish deciding between a walkway or pathway.

Major Differences

Pathways generally consist of stepping stones with turf or mulch joints set between the stones. Walkways consist of materials such as poured concrete, natural stone, or pavers. Interlocking pavers are an increasingly popular choice in the Mid-Atlantic region given the 70-100 freeze-thaw cycles which generally occur on an annual basis. Properly installed, high-quality interlocking pavers and paving slabs can not only withstand these cycles but also withstand the salt and ice melt products which can cause severe damage to natural stone and poured concrete. These pavers and paving slabs come in earth-toned colors and are easily replaceable if they become damaged. Specifically, permeable pavement options such as interlocking concrete pavers set upon a permeable base are not only Eco-friendly but can also be a great way to solve tricky drainage problems.

Design Choices and Trends

One consideration for a walkway is matching the style of your home. If your home is contemporary or modern, then symmetric lines may work. If you have a country-style house, then flagstone patterns or irregularly sized slabs can be used to create an organic shaped or curved walkway and add to the natural appeal. Interlocking pavers, paving slabs and natural stone are excellent choices when upgrading your walkway and adding value to your home. Poured concrete is the general choice for most builders due to its cost-effectiveness. Poured concrete, though a less expensive option, is subject to pitting from the elements, does not hold up to salt or ice melt products and is notorious for hairline cracks, even when installed properly. Poured concrete, even when stamped or stained is a very utilitarian option and does not add value to your home in the long term, often, not even in the short term.

Other Considerations

  • Your budget is always a consideration. For most people, their home is the largest single investment they will ever make. A properly designed and installed walkway or pathway can add value to your home. Invest wisely. Cheaper is rarely better.
  • The architecture of Your Home- Is your home made of brick? Stucco? Vinyl siding? It’s vital that your landscape complements, and not necessarily matches your home. You can play around with natural materials to add to the aesthetics of a walkway. Pathways are generally placed in very natural settings anyway so this concept shouldn’t be too difficult.

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