Retaining Walls: What You Need to Know

Retaining Walls: What You Need to Know carroll landscaping

Retaining walls are a beneficial element in a modern landscape design.

Retaining walls are a beneficial element in a modern landscape design. They provide areas of your backyard with extra support to prevent earth and dirt from sliding downhill. Residential retaining walls also have several aesthetic and safety benefits. Residents can use the walls as added privacy or transform them into raised landscape beds to benefit their natural surroundings. And they protect your home from flood damage. Let’s go over everything you need to know about landscape retaining walls.

How Retaining Walls Work

Works Against Gravity

A retaining wall is vital to keeping the earth around your property in place. They are usually found in areas that need extra support to prevent dirt from sliding downhill. When properly installed, retaining walls redirect water from rain and runoff so it doesn’t pool and cause erosion in your yard. Diverting water also prevents flooding that can damage your home and ruin the interior.

Creates Usable Land

If you have a slope in your backyard or anywhere else on your property, you know that you can only use a portion of that land. And the other part is unusable because the slope is too steep to build anything on it. A retaining wall can create a level surface in your outdoor living space,  thus making your backyard appear larger and more functional.

Prevents Excess Water Runoff

Retaining walls also slow the flow of rainwater, which is essential if you live in an area susceptible to heavy rains. Without a retaining wall, your lawn or garden would be flooded with excessive water. However, a retaining wall helps divert the water to areas that need it, such as a part of your garden covered by a roof, awning, or tree.

Retaining Walls Make Your Yard More Enjoyable

Retaining walls are much more than a functional hardscaping element; they can also make your lawn a more enjoyable place to spend time in. For example, you can use the retaining walls as a privacy feature to roam your yard in peace without worrying about nosy neighbors. These walls also make a great raised bed for a beautiful garden. Shorter retaining walls can be used to create natural seating. They’re commonly installed around more social areas of the property, such as an outdoor kitchen or around a fire pit.

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