Pros and Cons of Vinyl Decking

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Decking carroll landscaping

When you’re planning to build your dream deck, the first big decision you need to make is which deck material is suitable for you.

When installing a new deck in your home, the most popular choice is often wood. Wood has been used to make decks for years, so, understandably, it’s what homeowners choose most often. In recent years vinyl decking has exploded in popularity. When you’re planning to build your dream deck, the first big decision you need to make is which deck material is suitable for you. Let’s go over the pros and cons of vinyl decks.

Pro: Durability

One of the most significant benefits of vinyl decking is its resistance to various damages, mold, and mildew growth. Since vinyl is a synthetic material, your vinyl deck won’t splinter like wood will and does not attract pests due to its lack of organic materials, so the risk of ant or termite damage is non-existent.

Pro: Low Maintenance

Another reason homeowners prefer vinyl decks is because they require very little maintenance. They are a great alternative to wood decks since they don’t require staining or painting every few years. In fact, vinyl decking can look pristine for decades without any maintenance. They only require periodic rinsing to maintain their appearance and condition. Plus, vinyl isn’t susceptible to dry rot or insect damage that would often damage wood decks beyond repair.

Pro: No Splinters

Unlike wood decking that can crack and splinter over time, vinyl is smooth and comfortable on your hands and feet, eliminating the risk of painful splinters. This makes them an excellent choice for homes with small children and pets.

Con: May Not Fit Every Home Aesthetic

While vinyl decks are beautiful, they don’t always offer the same air of elegance that traditional wood decks provide. In fact, some vinyl styles can look too modern or seem out of place when used for older or vintage-style homes. While it is possible to find a style of vinyl deck that works with older homes, the available types are limited.

Con: Limited Color Choices

While wood decks can be painted in a wide array of colors, the color choices for vinyl are somewhat limited. Although vinyl decking comes in far more colors than it once did, the available variety of deck stains still far outweighs the number of vinyl decking colors available. Due to their smooth surface, vinyl boards do not take paint well, so adding color later is typically not an option.

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