Preparing Your Composite Deck for the Winter

Preparing Your Composite Deck for the Winter carroll landscaping

You can take some simple preventative measures to ensure your deck lasts throughout the season.

Fall is already upon us, which means winter is right around the corner. Finding the suitable decking material can be a challenge when you live in a climate that experiences freezing temperatures. Properly caring for your composite deck in winter will preserve your outdoor spaces for the years ahead. Luckily, you can take some simple preventative measures to ensure your deck lasts throughout the season. Here are some tips for preparing your composite deck for the winter.

Clean Any Dirt or Debris

The first step to taking care of your outdoor deck is to remove and clean any dirt or debris on the deck. Be sure to remove leaves and branches from your deck. If you have many leaves falling onto your deck, you may want to consider cutting back the trees and vines that hang over your deck. You should also remove all debris from between deck boards. Dirt and leaves can build up, causing water to stay on top of the deck rather than drain through. Proper ventilation is crucial to avoiding moisture build-up.

Inspect for Damage

Once the deck is cleared, take a moment to perform a quick inspection of the boards. Look out for any cracks, areas where the composite is peeling, or loose boards that may need to be refastened. If you find any damage, take the time between snowstorms to make a quick repair to prevent the problem from worsening with subsequent storms. 

Properly Clear Away Snow

After a big snowstorm, there will likely be a layer of snow on your deck and railings. Before you begin removing the snow, be sure you are using the proper tools. Traditional snow shovels could damage your composite deck. The plastic element of composite decking protects it against moisture, so you do not have to worry about the warping of the material. Use a soft broom instead to sweep away any light snow. For dense snow or ice, use a calcium-chloride-based ice melting product to remove the rest of the ice. If you must use a shovel, make sure to use a  flexible plastic shovel to avoid scratching the decking.

Clean the Deck Again

Once the weather permits, clean your deck with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly to ensure the surface is clear of any leftover ice melt or rock salt. A mild soap is also great for removing the residue leftover from the de-icing products. This second cleaning will ensure no snow or ice left on the surface and keep your composite deck looking new all year round.

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