Planting in the Fall Has Many Benefits!

A common misconception about landscaping is that planting in the Fall isn’t beneficial.

A common misconception about landscaping is that planting in the Fall isn’t beneficial. You can plant in the Fall, just like in the Spring, and there are many benefits behind doing so. Take some time between watching Football games and decorating for Halloween to enhance your landscape. Some experts even say that planting trees, shrubs, bulbs, and perennials in the Fall is even better than planting when it’s warmer out. We’re going to share some of these benefits behind Fall planting with you today. Keep reading!

Cool Air and Warm Soil Works Well for Plants 

Colder airflow is advantageous for plants to grow. However, plants also benefit from warm soil. The only time where this combination happens is during the Fall. The ground is still warm in early September because summer has yet to leave, but the temperature steadily drops. 

Fewer Pests and Diseases

The Summer is infamous for pests destroying plants. Insects come out more often during the Spring and Summer whereas, during Fall, they retreat. The less tension on a plant, the better it grows. 

Less Watering Occurs

When the temperature is 70-degrees versus 90, a plant can retain moisture easier. Also, planting in more moderate temperatures is convenient and comfortable for you. One thing to be mindful of is evergreens during the Fall. Leaf scorch or needle drop happens because of dryness not necessarily it being too cold. They may require more watering. 

Excessive Rain Won’t Be an Issue

April showers helping May flowers to bloom is an accurate concept. Water does indeed help plants to grow. However, planting can be more pleasant when the soil isn’t too sogging from excessive rain. 

The Soil Will Be Richer When Spring Comes Around

When plants spend months rooting in the soil, they grow faster in the Spring. You can save yourself some time because you don’t have to devote your energy to rooting in the Spring. Flowering also tends to be better during the first spring/summer. 

Do All Flowers and Plants Grow in the Spring?

Absolutely not. Some plants do love the heat. If you’re curious about what you can add to your landscape in the Fall, then give us a call.

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