How to Plan a Garden Oasis

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Do you desire to have a garden oasis? The landscaping experts here at Carroll Landscaping can help you achieve this goal. We specialize in hardscape features and installing landscape plantings to help give you the garden of your dreams. The perfect garden should not only look good, but it should feel good as well. It should help you relax, and if you have ample space, you should be able to walk through your garden as well. A garden works best when there are visual interest and functionality. Here is a guide on how to create a garden oasis. 

Wide Pathways That You Can Easily Walk Through

Your pathways should be comfortable enough for you to walk through them comfortably. Squeezing through a narrow path isn’t enjoyable. Two people should be able to walk through your primary pathway side by side. For secondary pathways where only one person walks through them, three feet should be enough room. Another rule of thumb is that the taller your plantings are, the wider the pathway needs to be because taller boundaries tend to make space feel more restricted.

For this reason, plantings can help add privacy to a landscape. However, you don’t want to step on or trip over your plantings or shrubbery continually. A garden looks its best when there is harmony, and all elements are in their proper place and zone. 

Patios and Decks With Plenty of Elbow Room

Patios and decks are perfect for your home if you love spending time outdoors. If you have a large family (a family of four or more), you’ll want to make sure that you all have enough room to stretch out without bumping elbows. Outdoor furniture is another consideration, especially if you plan on hiring us to install an outdoor kitchen or other outdoor elements on your property (e.g., a fireplace). The point is that, just like with your pathways, you want to be able to walk around without feeling restricted. 

Pergolas Are the Perfect Way to Create a Garden Oasis

A pergola does a lot for a home. Outdoor roofing structures take a garden to the next level. If you plan on having a pathway underneath a pergola, you want to make sure that it’s tall enough. You should walk under the pergola with ease and not butt head with roses, vines, or wisterias. 

Are you ready to own the landscape of your dreams, and an outstanding garden oasis? Reach out to Carroll Landscaping, Inc. today! 

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