Outdoor Living Spaces: “Deck or Patio? That is The Question”

A well-designed patio can really bring a home together

When planning dream outdoor living spaces, homeowners often ask: “Is a deck or patio the best solution?” Answering this question can help you turn the unfinished portion of your backyard into an oasis. The answer is simple if you know the correct questions to answer when narrowing down your decision. Decks and patios, when installed the right way, using quality materials, not only add value to your home. However, they create clean, usable spaces for grilling, entertaining, or simply relaxing after a long hectic day. Today we’re going to offer some distinctions between decks and patios, as well as helping you decide what’s best. Keep reading! 

Question 1: Where is My Access Point?

Accessibility is crucial. It will make the difference between an area that fits your home or is a mismatch that you can’t use. Is your access point to your entertaining space the kitchen sliding or French door? Then, we need to consider how high this door is from the ground. If the door is 8′ off the ground, you need a deck. A lower patio area is quite possible. Depending on the design of the steps from the deck to the ground, it can create an excellent two-tiered effect. This effect will make your backyard pop. Decks need permits in the State of Maryland. The design of your property will generally determine how large a layer you are allowed to build once the license goes to zoning and planning.

        What are the Costs and What Qualifies as a Patio?

Decks have some limitations, even when you have a lot of latitude on your property. Typically decks are more expensive than patios. By definition, patios do not need a retaining wall to raise it or it or protect it from surrounding grades. A raised patio is technically a porch and needs proper construction that reflects this. Decks over 2′ high also require railings, which limit the entertaining space the same way a wall does within your home.

What Safety Hazards Do I Need to Know About?

        Now, how do you account for the kitchen walkout door being 3′ off the ground? This area is where a deck or masonry landing with steps will usually have an effect and lead you safely to a patio. These small landings (we recommend at least a 3′ projection from the house for safety) and steps may require a permit. Check with your local permit office. An area that is 3′ or less off the ground is not suitable for a deck. Decks that are at grade or nearly at grade deck can trap moisture, which causes problems at the foundation, mosquitoes, or merely a messy area. A masonry landing or deck with steps to the patio provides some significant advantages. 

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