Light Up Your Hardscape this Holiday Season with LED Lighting

Bring your hardscape to life with LED Lights!

A hardscape is only as beautiful as it is viewable. If you spend your hard-earned money on hardscape design, then the entire neighborhood should be able to see it this holiday season. When you hire a professional hardscaping company like us, you know that you’re going to get high-quality work. Don’t dim your hardscape! Make the switch to LED lighting because it has a lot of benefits, and we’ll explain why as you continue reading. 

LED Lighting Defined

“LED” stands for light-emitting diode. Halogen and incandescent lightbulbs heat a filament or wire to produce light. However, LEDs are electronic and produce light whenever an electrical current comes through. So, you’re probably wondering why this is relevant. Here are the benefits and differences:

Save a Lot of Money

Because LED lighting is low-voltage (unlike halogen and incandescent lightbulbs), you’ll save money. Low-voltage lights take less energy to produce. Therefore, you can look forward to the savings. 

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Once again, LED lighting uses less energy to produce light. Most of the power converts into light versus heat (unlike with traditional lighting). LED lights are not only cool to the touch, but there is less of a safety risk. This type of lighting is good for the environment because it produces less waste, and recycling is straightforward when it’s time for a replacement. There’s no need to follow special instructions. 

LED Lighting Lasts a Long Time

This type of outdoor lighting lasts way longer than traditional lighting, even if the lights are in use for eight hours each night! Wha this means is that not only can you look forward to longevity, but you won’t have to worry about high-maintenance tasks. Once we set the lights, then you’re all set!

Life is Better With Bluetooth Enabled LED Lights!

Hardscape lighting has come a long way. Did you know that you can set a timer from your smartphone that automatically turns your lights on and off? No longer do you have to remember to do this task. In some instances, you can even control the amount of light. If you’re having a holiday party, then you can look forward to lighting up your hardscape. Not only does adding a little sparkle to your hardscape make your home much safer, but it means that you can enjoy nights by the fire with ease. 

If you regret not adding LED lights to your hardscape, then give us a call before hosting that big holiday party of yours. 

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