Landscaping Design Tips for Small Backyards

Landscaping Design Tips for Small Backyards carroll landscaping

Even if you don’t have space for a luxurious and expansive landscape, you can still make your backyard more functional.

Even if you don’t have much space for a luxurious and expansive landscape, you can still make your backyard more functional. Even if the area is small, you can still transform it into something unique. You can do small backyard landscaping modifications without taking up too much time. What will work for your property depends on your wants, needs, and available layout and space. These ideas give you some sense of how to make your small yard feel bigger.

Add a Paver Patio

A custom paver patio can form the foundation of a compact backyard space. Even with limited space, it can be attractive and be a place to relax and entertain. Your landscape contractor can work with you to select the patio pavers to complement your home and utilize the maximum amount of space available for a compact patio. When planning and measuring out the space, be sure to choose the right furniture. Long family-style benches or smaller stools can add seating while occupying only part of the space. 

Use Walkways to Connect Multiple Areas

Connecting areas that weren’t previously usable can go a long way in making an entire property feel more functional. Walkways are an excellent way to achieve this goal. They can connect a front yard to a side yard and a backyard—and suddenly, the space feels much larger and more functional. You can also add curves to the design to add some complexity. A curve in a path can create a sense of movement and open up the space. And because a curve in a small space is longer than a straight line, it also helps to convey that the area is larger than it is. 

Install a Retaining Wall for Privacy

If your home is close to neighbors, add a retaining wall for an increased definition of your outdoor space. A retaining wall can also add privacy to shield parts of the patio from view. The retaining wall can also serve as casual seating for a larger group of guests. 

Illuminate Your Space

You also want your space to look and feel bigger at night. When you add landscape lighting to your patio and backyard areas, you can stay outside as long as you like. The key is only to light specific areas, like a pathway or patio, while leaving the yard’s edges in shadow. Good outdoor lighting also conceals light source, uses multiple styles, and takes advantage of people’s natural tendency to gather around pools of light.

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