Landscape Grading: How it Benefits Your Landscape

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Landscape grading is significant because a yard that’s too hilly or uneven isn’t as usable as smooth and even land.

Landscape grading is significant because a yard that’s too hilly or uneven isn’t as usable as smooth and even land. Carroll Landscaping can regrade property so that it’s functional, level, especially if you want to add unique features to your outdoor living space and so that your landscape is less susceptible to drainage issues. Today we will discuss what landscape grading is and go into more detail about its benefits. 

Landscape Grading Defined

Landscape grading is the process of reshaping the earth and soil to be more stable and level. Our team’s grading process involves digging up the selected areas and moving the dirt from one location to another. Typically, we transport the soil from a high section of your yard to a lower region. Once our team has moved the dirt, they will smooth out the ground. Thus, permanent vegetation will be established to stabilize the soil. After the established vegetation grows fully, the brand new leveled surface will be usable in any outdoor projects. Now, here are more details about the benefits of a graded landscape:

Easier Landscape Construction

An even landscape is much easier to maintain, especially if you plan on going all out on future outdoor projects. For example, you may want a beautiful stone walkway installed. If the landscape is uneven in the area where you’d like it to go, constructing this walkway might be even more complicated. The same is true for patios or outdoor kitchens

Prevents Water Drainage Damage

A graded landscape will prevent water pooling and improve water drainage. When land is uneven, proper water drainage isn’t possible during heavy rainfall. Instead of water flowing away from your house, it will flow towards it. If this water accumulates around the property’s foundation, it can create cracks, or even worse, cause flooding. Our team can reshape the surface angle, which aids in channeling water away from your home when it rains and storms. 

Total Usage of Your Outdoor Living Space

A sloped outdoor living space cannot safely support a patio. It’s best to have your landscape graded before requesting any extensive outdoor living space projects. Our team can carve out a flat surface so that you can own a patio with steps leading down to the main level or so that you can add a fire pit or any other hardscape feature to your property. 

Healthier Plants

When a property floods, it can not only cause damage to your home but to your plants as well. While plants need nutrients to keep them alive, there is such a thing as overwatering a plant. Heavy rainfall can cause plants to become overwatered. Plus, overwatered landscapes can attract mosquitoes and other pests. 

If your landscape is hilly or uneven, give Carroll Landscaping a call today! 

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