How to Know When its Time to Replace Your Patio

How to Know When its Time to Replace Your Patio carroll landscaping

When your patio starts to look old and damaged, it is probably time to think about replacement.

A patio is a beautiful statement piece that enhances your property. So when your patio starts to look old and damaged, it is probably time to think about replacement. Though patio pavers are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear and last a long time, they aren’t indestructible. Switching out damaged pavers is typically the easiest solution, but replacing the patio may be better if there is widespread damage. Watch out for these signs if you need to know when it’s time to replace your patio pavers.

Cracks and Chips

Pavers can withstand a lot of stress, but they can still crack. If you drop something heavy on a paver, it’s likely to at least chip the stone; if not break it. Water can also leak into small cracks. During the winter, if this water freezes, it expands and worsens the damage. When enough pavers crack or chip, it will make the space look old and worn.

Uneven Ground

Over time, the ground underneath your patio may shift, even if it was leveled out before installation. This makes the patio uneven and causes a tripping hazard. When this happens, you may have to remove so many pavers to re-level the ground that replacing the entire thing is easier. You may also need to identify what caused the soil to become uneven and deal with that problem.

Water Retention

When a patio is installed, it will have a very slight slope to it to direct water away from the structure. This helps the rainwater run off the stones. However, if you notice that parts of the patio are holding water, it’s a sign that the ground has shifted. If this water is left to sit on the stones, it can cause several problems. If the water is near your house, the structure or foundation could even be affected. Standing water is a serious issue that needs to be resolved quickly.

Faded Pavers

Over time, all outdoor building materials deteriorate from constant exposure to sun, wind, and rain. The sun eventually bleaches the pavers, and harsh wind can wear down the sharp edges. If you don’t like the appearance of a faded patio, the only solution is to replace the structure.

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