Kid-Friendly Landscaping Tips

Here are some kid-friendly landscaping tips.

Kid-friendly landscaping promotes outdoor play. Children look forward to summer because it’s their time away from studying and doing homework. During this time, they can bask in the sun, run around, let their imaginations run wild, and spend hours on end playing with their friends. It’s now winter, which means that you have more than enough time to create an outdoor oasis that satisfies you as well as makes your children happy because they’ll have a beautiful outdoor space that fosters their imagination. Here are some kid-friendly landscaping tips.

Leave Open Space in Your Landscape

One common mistake that people make when it comes to landscaping is by not having enough open space. You never want it to look cluttered looking, especially if your yard is smaller. One way to let a landscape breathe a little is by dividing it into zones. Some of the most well-designed landscapes have an entertainment zone, a garden zone, and an open area. If you want to promote kid-friendly landscaping, then there should be a free space for them to run around and play safely. 

Planting Various Plants and Flowers Promote Kid-Friendly Landscaping

Kids become intrigued by interesting visuals. What’s more intriguing than flowers in striking colors and watching flowers bloom and fall as the seasons change? Plants and flowers also attract birds and bees and butterflies that your children can enjoy observing. Also, there are many studies that confirm the positive effects that greenery has on the psyche. 

Safety Should Be a Top Priority

Be careful of what plants and flowers you decide to grow in your yard. Some can be poisonous. You also want to avoid pesticides and toxic fertilizers, especially if your children enjoy playing in the grass and picking flowers. An ideal landscape is so safe that you can let your child roam the yard as you enjoy entertaining your guests on the patio without too much concern.

Children Need Places to Relax as Well as Play

When it’s a stifling summer day, children need a place to relax as well. Exerting a lot of energy on a 100-degree day is unhealthy. So on those days where it’s too hot for children to play, having a well-designed hardscape where they can enjoy a picnic, do a craft, or read some books is just as important as having an open space to play.

Do you want an outdoor oasis that your children and your entire family will enjoy? Then give us a call today! 

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