Drainage Problems?

By: Kevin Moore CLT, Senior Project Manager, Design/Sales Manager at Carroll Landscaping, Inc.

A frequently asked question from my clients is “Why does my drainage problem seem to get worse every year?” The answers very but here are a few common ones. Planning a community from a drainage and grading perspective is crucial to the condition of the homes which will be built in it. Communities are set up with a system of swales and drain boxes which move water between the houses to central areas where the water is channeled away from the homes. When a community is developed, assuming that the drainage and grading plan is effective, the water moves comfortably between houses and dissipates quickly. As homeowners begin to customize their lots with fences, hedgerows, sheds etcetera, all these new roadblocks change the direction of the water. As you can imagine, the water is now channeled in different directions and generally winds up making a mess of a yard which was originally dry and perfect. It is very unlikely that all of your neighbors will be willing to remove the fences and dream sheds they have saved up to install so we have to take matters into our own hands. The first thing to look at is how to return unwanted water to the swales which run between our houses. Sometimes a well placed raised planting bed can do the trick but not always. Surface drains which channel water underground and day light in appropriate area can be very helpful. A well placed retaining wall can make a world of difference. Carroll Landscaping, Inc. can help contact us today. Consider burying drainage from your downspouts and sump pump while you’re at it. Downspouts can funnel a great deal of water back into your house if they don’t drain away from the house properly. Drainage can be tricky but a well thought out solution can save a great deal of time, money, and wet basements.

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