Deck Installation: Signs That You Need a New Deck

Deck Installation: Signs You Need a New Deck Carroll Landscaping

Deck installation can do wonders for any home.

Deck installation can do wonders for any home. Homeowners use decks to help give their outdoor living spaces dimension and definition. A deck also serves as the perfect outdoor structure to entertain or relax. In some cases, a deck is salvageable when there are damages. It is possible to resurface a deck. In other cases, homeowners will want to invest in a new deck to avoid any safety hazards. Today we will share four telltale signs that you need a new deck and that deck installation is necessary. 

Post Erosion

Erosion around your deck posts usually happens due to water moving around the deck base, which wears away from the soil around each post. When the deterioration progresses, it can cause the deck to destabilize. Check for signs that your deck is wobbling. If you can spot a concrete anchor or a nearly exposed or snapped post, this is most likely a sign that erosion is taking place. 

Irreparable Deck Surface Damage

Sometimes you can replace deck boards as a way to remedy localized surface damage. However, when surface damage is extensive or widespread, the best remedy is new deck installation. Surface damage can come from wood rot, water damage, or mold. Look for signs of your deck’s wood softening, visible mold spores, cracks, and splintering. 


Ledger boards are what connect your house to your deck. When these boards become damaged, gravity along with the deck’s weight might make your entire outdoor structure lean away from your home. A leaning deck is a safety hazard because someone could trip on the gap, or the whole deck could collapse. Cracks could also result in water damage which results in rot. 


Decks are both functional and full of curb appeal. These outdoor structures beautify a home, and if your deck has a lot of discoloration, it detracts from your outdoor living space’s beauty. When a deck has stains or discoloration, it doesn’t always indicate that its performance is subpar. However, widespread discoloration could imply that there are some issues. Refrain from using harsh cleaning products on your deck or accidentally spilling automotive oil or cooking grease. Over time, these substances can corrode a deck. Look for peeling varnish and extensive blemishes. 

How to Avoid Your Deck Not Lasting as Long as It Should

  1. Hire a company that cares about quality and durability, such as Carroll Landscaping!
  2. Choose a suitable material. PVC and composite decks are excellent options that rank high in structural integrity
  3. Keep your deck clean and debris-free 

If you’re saying “yes” to deck installation, give us a call today so that we can install the deck of your dreams. 

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