Deck Installation: Determining What Size Your Deck Should Be

Deck Installation and Proper Sizing Carroll Landscaping

Multi-level deck installation is trendy!

Deck installation is an exciting part of homeownership. A deck can enhance your home in ways like never before. This addition serves as an entertainment hub and a place where people can unwind and relax. When picking out a beautiful brand new deck, several factors come into play. You might ask, “Is a PVC deck right for me, or should I go with classic wood?” Another commonly asked question is, “What type of railings will complement my deck the most?” Then, of course, a deck’s size hugely impacts how you will use your deck and how your outdoor living space will function as a whole. Here are some things that you should know about deck installation and proper sizing. 

What is a Deck’s Average Size?

For most decks, they are wider than they are deep. The more extended portion of the deck tends to run alongside the house. In addition, many decks tend to range between 300-400 square feet. Also, multi-level decks are trendy and add plenty of dimensions to your home. Homeowners who don’t have a massive amount of money to spend but want a multi-level deck can have the first level constructed first and then add to it in the future. If you plan on doing so, it’s best to verbalize your intentions immediately. 

Deck Installation 101: Ensuring That It Doesn’t Go Against Local Laws And Regulations

A common mistake homeowners make when upgrading their homes is not looking into their HOA’s rules and regulations. A Home’s Owner’s Association strives to ensure that a particular community has a specific kind of curb appeal. For example, some associations may charge a fee if a homeowner has kept their grass too tall for too long. The same circumstance can apply to a homeowner who may have a damaged roof or any issues with their home’s exterior that prevents a neighborhood from appearing as beautiful as it could. Check with your HOA before you attempt to invest in a unique deck design. 

Think About How You’d Like Your Outdoor Living Space to Transition

By “transition,” we mean that if you have elements in your yard, such as a garden or walkways, you don’t want to overwhelm your space with a large deck. Your deck’s size determines where it will begin and end. The goal is to ensure that all of your landscaping and hardscaping features complement each other and blend as seamlessly as possible

Two Other Deck Installation Considerations 

  • How do you like to entertain your guests
  1. Do you like to grill on your deck?
  2. Will you have movie nights? 
  3. Do you want to add a hot tub to your deck? 
  4. How much seating will you need? 
  • What will the shape of your deck be?
  1. Will it be curved? Rectangular? Square?

Then, of course, the most apparent and significant factor is how much land you have. 

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