Why a Composite Deck is Right for Your Home

Why a Composite Deck is Right for Your Home carroll landscaping

While wood is a staple and has its own advantages, it’s hard to argue the many benefits of composite decking.

Are you considering installing a new deck at your home? Luckily, you have some choices. Gone are the days of wood being the only material for decks. Composite decks have grown incredibly popular in recent years, making them among the top choices for decking materials. While wood is a staple and has its own advantages, it’s hard to argue the many benefits of composite decking. Here are some reasons why you should consider composite decking for your home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Composite decking is an environmentally-friendly alternative to wood comprised of plastic and wood fiber. Though it doesn’t provide the “natural” appeal of a wood deck, there are several color and texture options to choose from to fit the aesthetics of your home. In addition to the many design choices, you can easily add additional accessories like outdoor solar lighting or a pergola which provides extra shade on warm, sunny days.


For a deck to be worth the investment, it needs to be durable. Maryland weather can be unpredictable, with the elements wreaking havoc on your home’s exterior. Plus, if your deck will be the location of family gatherings, it needs to be extra strong to bear the weight of people, furniture, and pets. With composite decking, you won’t have to worry about it wearing down, as it’s constructed out of multiple materials for exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear. Being so durable, composite decking won’t crack or rot, resists mold and maintains its color year-round. Its durability, strength, and longevity are key reasons homeowners choose it for their deck construction.

Low Maintenance

Composite decks only need regular cleaning a couple of times a year or immediate cleaning in the event of spills or accidents. You will most likely need to hose it down to remove debris. In contrast, wood decks require periodic staining or painting to maintain their color. Plus, wood decks might need board replacements if part of the deck starts to rot.

Looks Like Wood But Without the Splinters!

Composite decking mimics the look of wood, right down to the authentic wood grain. It gives you the style you’re looking for, with the added benefits of composite materials. You can confidently walk across your deck barefoot without the hazard of painful splinters. Making composite decking a much safer choice for children and pets.

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