How to Choose a Complementary Outdoor Water Feature For Your Garden

How to Choose an Outdoor Water Feature Carroll Landscaping

n the past, we’ve discussed how therapeutic an outdoor water feature can be

In the past, we’ve discussed how therapeutic an outdoor water feature can be. It does wonders for the mind. When you decide that you want an outdoor water feature installed in your backyard, that’s half the battle. The other half is choosing if you want a pond, fountain, and waterfall and how you’d like it to sit in your backyard and factors such as how large you would like these features to be, basically the design aspects of it all. These tips will break down the basics of choosing a complementary outdoor water feature for your garden. 

Think About Your Garden’s Size

Whether you own a large garden or a more modest plot of land, water features come in various sizes. With so many options, you can choose a subtle addition or go for a focal centerpiece. For small gardens, you can try a small trickling fountain that sits off to the side, or for big backyards, a large pond that takes up a lot of space can fill the void of an empty backyard. 

Think About the Location of Your Outdoor Water Feature

It would be best if you always considered where your water would sit. You can use a fountain to enhance your seating area or add tranquil and relaxing sounds to your outdoor dining area. You may also choose to place your waterfall alongside steps to create an even more dynamic space. The point is that the proper landscape design won’t be random. Every component will work as a whole to create a fully functional and beautiful outdoor living space. Also, beware of placing an outdoor water feature by overhanging trees or shrubs to reduce leaves and foliage. 

Think About the Height of Your Water Feature

Naturally, tall or elevated water features will make more of a statement, offering a towered eloquence, while water features that sit lower to the ground will subtly enhance your yard. Lower water features can also add the perfect complement to planters, foliage, and flowers to create more visual interest. 

Self-Circulating Water Features: The Benefit

Self-circulating or self-containing outdoor water features takes less time to install. They reuse water, don’t require a pump, as they come with one, and the installation is less labor-intensive because these fountains don’t tend to take up a lot of space. However, which type of water feature you choose all boils down to your style, and once again, your garden’s size.

An outdoor water feature is the perfect summer hardscaping addition! If you’re ready to add tranquility to your backyard, give Carroll Landscaping a call today. 

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