The Benefits of Hardscaping and How It Differs From Landscaping

Benefits of Hardscaping Carroll Landscaping

Stoops fall under the category of hardscaping

When you understand the difference between hardscaping and landscaping, it ensures that your yard and the overall property have efficiency, flow, the ultimate curb appeal, and functionality. Landscape features and hardscape features differ significantly but complement each other when well-designed. Today we’re going to discuss the core differences between hardscape and landscape features and how hardscaping enhances your property. 

Hardscaping Defined

Hardscapes refer to the nonliving elements of your landscape design. As the name suggests, these elements are hard in texture, including natural stone, rocks, wood, and brick. Hardscape features also include man-made structures that require construction, such as decks, screened porches, pergolas, and patios. 

Landscaping Defined

Landscapes refer to your landscape design’s soft or living elements, such as plants, grass, flowers, and shrubbery. The difference between hardscaping and landscaping isn’t hard to grasp. However, ensuring that landscape and hardscape features complement each other requires some thought and careful planning. For this reason, landscape design shouldn’t be a DIY project. It benefits you to leave it to our contractors and architects to transform your space into the ultimate oasis. 

The Benefits of Hardscaping

When you hardscape a yard, of course, it serves aesthetic purposes. However, it also makes your outdoor living space more functional. For example, a retaining wall helps a property stand out, but it also prevents landscape erosion and is ideal for inclined or sloped properties, and prevents flooding. 

Another hardscape feature that you may not have known that we offer is steps. When you add steps to any property, but especially an inclined property, it makes navigating from outdoors to indoors and vice versa much safer. We also install stoops. Say goodbye to twisted ankles and uneven ground by adding hardscapes to your property. 

Hardscape Design 101

Follow these tips, and you’ll never go wrong in picking out your hardscape features:

  1. Ensure your hardscape features complement your home’s exterior
  2. Create a focal point to give your landscape cohesion and structure (e.g., an outdoor fireplace)
  3. Include curves and rounded edges to give your landscape some visual appeal
  4. Never neglect drainage solutions.
  5. Never leave out landscape features by adding greenery and shrubbery into the mix. 

If you want to enhance your home with hardscaping, reach out to Carroll Landscaping today. 

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