Ambient Heating for Driveways and Walkways

Ambient Heating for Driveways and Walkways

Learn more about ambient heating systems for driveways and walkways below!

Winter can be hard on your home and landscape. Not only does the snow and ice present hazards from slipping and make it difficult for your vehicle to get in and out of your driveway but it can cause other damage too. As water makes its way into the pores of your asphalt and concrete, it can freeze causing cracks and breaks. Salt and shoveling can help reduce these issues; shoveling can be strenuous and not all of the snow and ice is always removed. Salt, on the other hand, can cause corrosion and harm to any nearby plants and organisms. If you’re ready for a better way to manage winter weather, you need to know more about ambient heating systems for your walkway and driveway.

What Is A Heated Driveway?

Ambient heating systems use one of two methods to heat your driveway from below. These unique devices are installed underneath asphalt, concrete, pavers and more to help reduce the impact of winter weather. Thanks to modern methods, ambient heating is a favorite among new builders as it can be developed with energy efficiency in mind. Along with not consuming much energy, these systems can be great because they eliminate the need for road salt and chemicals, protecting plants and water sources. An Ambient heating system can be incorporated into Interlocking pavers, asphalt and concrete. These systems can also be incorporated into permeable pavement drastically reducing runoff and even allowing the water to be recaptured in a cistern for reuse.

How Does It Work?

Often, the ambient heating program is fully automated, using temperature and moisture gauges to determine when it should be running. Currently, there are two main types of ambient heating systems; hydronic and electric. Both are installed about two inches under the driveway or walkway and allows for heat to spread through the material to prevent freezing or snow accumulation. Each system heats and dries the surface to prevent freezing before turning off again; the result is an incredibly efficient way to keep your home safe and snow-free.

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