5 Need-to-Knows About Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Need-to-Knows Carroll Landscaping

Retaining walls serve as the #1 defense against sloped landscapes or hilly terrains

Retaining walls serve as the #1 defense against sloped landscapes or hilly terrains. There isn’t any excuse not to enjoy your outdoor living space when you hire Carroll Landscaping, Inc. You can make your outdoor living space more usable by hiring us to install a retaining wall. If you’re not privy to retaining walls’ benefits, allow us to share some valuable information. Here are five need-to-knows about this outdoor hardscaping structure

Retaining Walls Serve Many Functions

A top reason that homeowners invest in retaining wall installation is that they want to hold back the soil. However, other benefits include:

  • Increasing your yard space
  • Growing gardens or complementing ornate flowers.
  • Creating an overall more attractive landscape

This Hardscape Feature Makes Outdoor Living Spaces More Dynamic

While a straight-across retaining wall is a standard, that doesn’t mean that you can’t (or shouldn’t) add creativity to your yard. If you want to add curvature, texture and play around with your outdoor living space dynamics, this is possible with a retaining wall. 

Retaining Walls Come in Various Sizes

Depending on what you want from your landscape design project, you can incorporate a short or tall retaining wall in your plan or any size in between. When designing a landscape, you also have to factor in your HOA’s guidelines. On average, most retaining walls are no taller than five feet. 

We Offer A Lot of Material Options

You deserve options, and we have them. Every homeowner is different and has unique needs and concerns. The retaining wall material you choose not only plays a factor in aesthetics but durability as well. We offer:

  1. Segmental wall block
  2. Natural stone
  3. Concrete
  4. Wood

The material you pick matters because you want your retaining wall to complement and accentuate other hardscaping features of your yard, such as patios and decks. 

Your Retaining Wall Will Align with Best Landscape Drainage Practices

If you have an inclined yard and decide to add a retaining wall, you can be happy that landscape drainage will not be a problem. We will never leave your drainage to chance. Pools of water can do a lot of damage to your soil, grass, tree roots, and plantings. All retaining walls by nature must have a drainage system to alleviate hydrostatic pressure. If these facts about retaining walls motivate you to do something about your hilly terrain, give us a call today! 

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