4 Landscaping Problems That We Can Help You Avoid

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The landscaping professionals here at Carroll Landscaping, Inc. has the expertise to ensure that we meet even the highest of long-term expectations

Today we’re going to discuss four landscaping problems that we can help you avoid. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, that doesn’t mean that your landscape has to suffer. The landscaping professionals here at Carroll Landscaping, Inc. has the expertise to ensure that we meet even the highest of long-term expectations. If one of your dreams and desires is to have a beautiful landscape that you can marvel in for years to come, you’ll appreciate this information. Here are four of the many landscaping problems that we can help you avoid. 

Having a Poorly Planned Garden 

You should always plan out your garden ahead of time. You want to ensure that your plants are in the right place, both for their growing needs and to make plant maintenance more manageable. Keep this tried-and-true fact at the forefront of your mind: not all perennials are alike! If you’re not an expert gardener, don’t worry! Our team is highly-knowledge in all aspects of landscaping. We understand different soil types, what it takes for various plants to thrive, and we’re experts in understanding how a landscape operates as a system. 

Ignoring Plant Maintenance

It’s not even up for debate that taking care of plants takes more maintenance than tending to hardscapes. Homeowners tend to be a fan of hardscapes because they are low-maintenance. Plants require water, pruning, and don’t forget to remove the weeds from your landscape. Sometimes, life becomes busy, and we understand. If you don’t have the time or know-how to maintain your plants, you can count on our landscaping professionals to take care of your plants, leaving them vibrant and healthy consistently. 

Having a Colorful Garden That Turns into Lackluster Landscaping 

Homeowners love to play around with colors during the summer, and rightfully so! Summer is a season synonymous with vibrancy. However, summer is coming to an end. You never want to look at a pile of dead, brown plants. We can help you avoid this. We can help plan a garden that will look like it’s full of life all-year-round. 

Mulching Mistakes

The ultimate goal should be for your landscape to look neat, trim, and tidy. When you don’t know how to place mulch could result in your lawn looking like a mound of unsightly mulch. Mounding mulch around the stem and base of your plants makes it hard for nutrients and water to get to the plant’s roots. Make sure to mulch two to three inches away from the growing point of every plant. You don’t want to suffocate your plants or help to spread to disease. Make sure to re-mulch every year, or of course, you could hire us to do it for you. 

Has your lack of a green thumb frustrated you? Reach out to us today so that we can get the job done right for you the first time! 

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